Aprilia SR 50 Photogalery

Here is now a small collection of the pictures I have made of my bike.

All Pictures you see here are also available as big one.

Please click on the picture you want to have big.

The scans on this side are small and sice reduced to save loading time !!

Available are front, side and back views.

For Special I have two full side views of a prospect. (all on this page).

Front views:

Front view (2,5k)Front view (3,2k)

                                                                             Big one 150x241 (6.5k)                                     Big one 154x301 (9k)

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Side views:

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Back views:

                                                    Big one 305x257 (16k)                                                              Big one 248x239 (12k)

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Full side view:

Second side View (14k) with link to big one (64k)

                               Big one 427x334 (22k)                                                                                  Big one 553x538 (63k)

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