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Here we proudly present the Bandit Owner List. This information is from some role calls from the Bandit Mailing List. At the moment there is no kind of sorting, I will think about this matter.At the moment you will find here about 78 Bandit drivers with E-Mail adress and there feeling about the B6 or B12.

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I hope the Bandit owners newsgroup does not turn into that same sort of crap with the 600 vs 1200

There is only one 'right' bike for every rider - the one which gives him/her the most pleasure. Comments which try and force the views of the author on others should be dismissed .

I'd be interested in knowing a bit about my fellow Bandit riders, and their bikes. Why? So that when we read a post from a fellow participant we can refer to his reply to this message, rather than having to outline the given information over and over again. I'll get the ball rolling:

My turn :
Chris Sparkes GSF600S

My turn :

PS: This is my first "real" bike and I didn't want to kill myself on a 1200... not to mention being unable to afford the insurance!

I wouldn't trade the Shadow away for anything, but the contrast between it and the Bandit is more enjoyable than I realized.

I am looking for saddle bags for the Bandit. If anyone would like to make suggestions, they would be appreciated. Also, someone added a temperature sensor - any information about that would likewise be appreciated.

Jim Butler - Portland, OR /

'86 Miyata 1000

'94 Shadow VT1100C

'97 Bandit 1200S/V

Michael Ragsdale

'72 T500J (Project)

'76 KZ750B (For Sale)

'88 EX500 (Race)

'89 CB-1 (The Wife's) DoD #1672 AMA #554907

'96 Bandit 600 (Main)

Love the bike, Been riding for 30 years, 30 + bikes but this one is one of my favorites. The power ???? Well back in High school in 1970 I managed to talk my mom into co-signing a loan for me to purchase one of the first, Kawasaki 500 3 cylinders(called a Mach III I believe) One bad ass motorcycle, fastest 1/4 mile machine in the world at the time, 412 pounds, 60 HP, plastic swing arm bearings, drum brakes, one nasty nasty fast machine. Now 27 years later, my 600 Bandit, almost considered a beginners machine, runs the 1/4 almost a second faster than the Kawasaki. Interesting how things change.

Delightful bike, comfortable (important when you are 50), easy to throw into slow speed tight turns and quite good in the sweepers as long as the road is smooth. As identified, the soft suspension allows a wallow at times but every bike has limitations and could be easily fixed, all it takes is money. I love the acceleration, it really rips, i know there are faster machines, but it puts a smile on my face and thats what counts. Looking to put a small luggage rack on it and perhaps a different wind screen

Gerry Vancouver, Canada

I can second the positive comments everyone else has submitted. The Bandit has an uncanny ability to appeal to both sides of the brain at the same time. It's both inherently rational and visceral at the same time. In my view it is to the Suzuki line-up what the 1200 Sportster is to the Harley line-up -- a simple, light-weight, no nonsense motorcycle, closer to the spirit of motorcycling than the higher ticket bikes that have a lot more flash.
Patrick Morris

This baby does it all well. Fun to ride. Good looking. Has been mistaken for a Triumph by a group of Brits. Not flashy looking but I like that. Plan on carb, air box work in near future to help mileage without hurting power/torque. Adding footrests that fold back to the case gaurds for different foot placement. Hope to add a throtle lock if I can find one that fits (don't like the bar end type). Change the mirrors if I can. A super special mod: Planning on having a trailer hitch from a wing/glide modified to bolt on to frame to pull a light aluminium custom made trailer for my windsurfer. Lost my station wagon to a mack truck and haven't surfed since and that is the only reason for me to have a car. :)
Curtis R. Bond RDC Inc. Programmer

---Looking to max out the HP without Max cost or drasticly change the bike. Over all the bike is great and would like to toe it up to the Blue Ridge Pky and due some sport touring.

Sweet machine. Anything that rips wheelies as easy as this beast is alright in my book.Top speed is more than I need. But I will still do it every now and again.


Set up properly, and with a decent rider in the cockpit, this bike will keep up with the racers in the twisties, beat most muscle bikes on a straightaway, and ride with the Beemers (air-cooled or otherwise) all day long. For my money, there's no better deal going.

I really love my bike and as my very first bike I couldn_t find any better. It collects all the value in motorcykleriding, speed, accel, freedom to a affordable price.



Lloyd Horton '96 GSF600 '76 CB550K '76 KZ900

This is the most fun bike I've ever owned; it rips.

Comments: Like all bikes, the bandit has pros and cons. The pros far outweigh the cons though. As an all-around bike, the Bandit (1200) excels in performance and style. But

I think one of the most important (and overlooked) aspects of this bike is the price. A 1200, with great styling, performance, ergos and handling for the truly meager sum of $7099 (list) -- how do you top that? With this purchase, I had narrowed down between Bandit, Triumph and a Harley. I got the Bandit at *less than 1/2* the cost of the Harley, and about 40% less than the Triumph!

Long live the Bandit!
pit "Travelling at the speed of bike"

This is my first bike, and I love it!

Regards, Bjoern

Kent (kw) -

88' blue Hawk GT (mohawk)

97' Suzuki Bandit 1200 (godzirra)

95' XR200 (slugo)

87' XR100 (tiny)

89' Wineberry Wing (Jehoshaphat)

Torstens motorbike (Bandit) Homepage

This is my first road bike, and I am anxious to get it out & ride it fast!

--On the "lead mod", a guy in town did it and it worked sweet. I will be getting a detail on how he did it and post it, if anyone is interested.

I've been riding for some time (let's just say it's more than 20 years) and when I bought the big bandit I thought that it's 100+ horses would be all that I could ask for but, you know, now that I've got 'em another 20 or so would be nice! I've been following the mods listed here with great interest and once I'm through the break in it's going to be time for a few changes.

It seems like the bike was more prone to wheeling when I first got it then it is now. Maybe my riding style has changed (I've gotten more used to the low end torque) or the 600 mile service will take care of that.

Keep that info flowing.....I love to see it!

1997 Bandit 1200 the new kid

1982 Seca 650 Turbo the plastic pig

1981 Seca 750 old reliable

1975 Kaw 500 triple blue smoke death machine


Thanks for the mail, heres the info you wanted for the bandit owners list. Due to work I don't have as much time to ride the bandit as I had hoped, but its good to see so many other people around the world who do have the time to enjoy the bike.

July 20th,1997 ,IDBA Nationals , National Trails Raceway
Columbus,Ohio . Winner of Street ET class on my 1997 Suzuki 1200S
Bandit.My first national event win ! (


I thought I would add myself in although I don't have the bike yet, but will have it by May, if not sooner. Weather permitting. I just signed up for the bandit list two days ago. Well the info is below. Thanks for providing this. I been putting off joining the list until I actually GET the bike. but I couldn't wait. thanks- cher


Old enough to know better, too stupid to care.


Hi all, I'm new on the list.
We where neighbours however, since I drove A VX last year.
And the VX-list is also administrated by Farokh Irani (tx for the good work Farokh)

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