Photos of my own Bandit

Here are some photos of my onw Suzuki. Due to the fact that here in Germany is winter there are only some photos. I am now waiting on the summer to get more great pics ready.

Please click on the photos to get a big scan of this.

Here you will find general photos, photos with other bikes, ....

General photos

My Bandit (182x154, 9k). Link to 363x308, 43k.My Bandit (181x163, 12k). Link to 361x326, 48k.My Bandit (178x146, 9k). Link to 355x291, 42k.
    Big one 363x308, 43k                                         Big one 361x326, 48k                                                   Big one 335x291, 42k

My Bandit (210x167, 13k). Link to 420x334, 59k.My Bandit (124x209, 9k). Link to 248x418, 42k.

Big one 420x334, 56k                                      Big one 248x418, 42k

Photos with other bikes
Here are some photos with my collegue. He is driving a Vmax. We are both there making a security training at the ADAC. This training is best for every driver. I will write some about this later.

My Bandit with other (228x167, 14k). Link to big one (456x334, 61k)Bandit with Vmax (237x167, 15k). Link to bog one (473x334, 62k)

 Big one (456x334, 61k)                                        Big one (473x334, 62k)

....... Here you can place your Bandit photos

Hey do you have great Bandit photos ???? Contact me directly. I can disrtubute them for you.

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