Choosing and getting the new GSF 600

After (OK also before) receiving my driving licence, we (me and my wife Liane) started to think about what bike we should buy. Liane told me that she would like to have a Chopper (she has also a driving licence). I would like to have a Tourer. After some discussions and thinking what is good and what is not so good on each bike we agreed to choose a Tourer.

And after some (better: several) reading of tests and articles and specifications and prospects and and and ......we found a solution: A Suzuki GSF 600 S Bandit.

GSF 600 S Bandit Picture not available in moment (13 k) Link to 800x600 (80k)This is a GSF 600 S Bandit and also as 800 x 600 (80 k) available

After ordering this bike at my local Suzuki dealer we started to sell the scooter (for details please see the past section). After my time of riding this Aprilia SR 50 scooter (now nearly one year old) it already had about 8500 km on his speedometer. This is quite much for an 50ccm bike, but every day I rode about 60 km with this bike. The positive thing was that I always rode "long" distance trips, so that the motor was always getting really warm. After some time we also sold this real good scooter and we are able to buy the new bike.

My Bandit (178x146, 9k). Link to 355x291, 42k. And here we proubly present my Suzuki GSF 600 S Bandit.

And this happens on 02.08.96

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