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My best school friend has had a small "Mofa". This bike has had 50ccm and was able to drive 25 km/h when nobody has changed anything. This bike was a "Zündapp" and changes can be done easily. We have changed the carburetor (a carburetor from a 80ccm bike was choosen and mounted on), drill some holes in the muffler and do some already forgotten changes and ooops now it was able to drive about 60 km/h.

The best thing was: I have had no driving license at this time and my parents also not allowed me to get one. So I have ridden without and what must come: The police. It was already a nice day for the cops and so all we get was a blue eye and we have to walk home.

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I have just ended my studying (Elektotechnik) and have nearly directly found a Job in Düsseldorf at Nokia Telecommunications GmbH (ca. 30 kilometer from my hometown). In the beginning I drive with a car, but after some time I though: "There must be another way to work. Every day this bad traffic jam is getting boring."

So with my driving license it is allowed to ride also a "Moped". This bike has also 50ccm but it is allowed to drive up to 50 km/h. So I read some tests about this and after some time I bought a scooter. Theese new scooters are very easily to ride with. Only starting, turning on the gas and braking. And the scooter I have bought was not like the "old" scooters, like the VESPA which are difficult to ride with (cause of the small tires).

My ow Aprilia SR 50 in black (9.67k)

With this brand new APRILIA SR 50 REPLICA you are getting the feeling that you ride a bigger bike. OK, the real motorbike riders now tell: "That is no motorbike" but for me it was fine. Nearly every day I need the same time to drive to work. No traffic jam could stop me. You will find some additional photos and technical dates also in my collection (see above).

This Aprilia was also able to drive about 65km/h without any change.

I have bought this SR 50 in August 95 and I ride this bike also over the winter when the temperature was below - 4 °C. Only when it was raining young dogs or snowing I drive by train.

But after some time, it was about January/February 96 I thought " Hmmmm, it is good to drive with this bike, but it could be a little bit faster". So I have had a small discussion with my girlfriend (she has a driving license for motorbikes and I have married her in January 97) and we agreed that I will start to make a driving license for "real" motorbikes.

And beginning of May 96 I start my learning and after 12 riding hours (á 45 minutes) and 10 theoretical lessons I make my test at 13.06.96. AND: I get the license.

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